Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Egypt Travelogue - Holidaying Hurghada


We travel 8 hours south of Cairo to reach the coastal city of Hurghada - a well planned city built on modern lines well known for the aquatic sport facilities.

Above the Red Sea. Click by Danish Henry

In Hurghada, we kick off with the mesmerizing Red Sea with our shorts and sun-blocks. The Red Sea is a vast spread of azure water - cool and crystal clear. It imparts reposing effects and holds one of the most beautiful arrays of corals and reefs, being one of the best places for snorkeling on planet earth. Our vessel ‘Little Caesar’ passes a solitary Gifton island. Next, we were sailed to the Red sea shore.

The Gifton Island. Click by Danish Henry 

Aboard the 'Little Caesar'
Later that day, our ship ventures into deep sea for snorkeling. Beneath the calm waters lies a multitude of marine creatures, porous sponges, splendid corals, vast reefs, nature with all its grandeur. It was altogether a new experience – a whole new way of seeing life and nature.

The night is lightened at the Hardrock CafĂ© in Hurghada. In another instance, at a store near my resort, a shop owner displays the picture of the Patriarch of Coptic Christians. This shopkeeper, with his curly hair invites me to visit his church and apparently seems to derive immense pride from Egypt’s Christian history. 

At another shop, I overhear a captivating Arabic song. The shopkeeper tells me that is sung by Nancy Ajram. I google her and find she is the belle of Arab music. 

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