Sunday, February 23, 2014

ISFiT Diaries V - The Day We Skied

Recollections from the International Students’ Festival in Trondheim 2013

On our way to the ski resort, I sat with Kristian, one of the workshop leader, who laughs in a way I fail to describe. He inquires about Pakistan’s colonial past and I tell him how the British entered the subcontinent as traders. It seems that he was unaware of this British feat. I also learn a lesson on Nordic history from him.

At the Ski resort, I encounter school children, I call them ‘little angel’, radiating innocence and representing the purest form of life. The garish orange colored apron they wear make them look like oranges. I get a lesson on skiing and borrow Jolly Jay’s professional skis. I ski for the first time in my life and while striking the balance is difficult, skiing is such a wonderful experience. Needless to say, I slip and slide, glide and collide several times – a lesion is learned: Norwegians are born with skis on their feet.

With permission from Chathuraka Kaushalya

I have not dogs, not one, but two for lunch, garnished with mustard sauce and ketchup, along with hot chocolate. I meet the ‘face of ISFiT – the President’ wearing thick specs, delighted to see the result when students from all across the globe descend upon Trondheim –a Guinness World record is created. 

The ISFiT Guinness World Record. Source:

Click by Megha Babbar

Later, I borrow a snowboard, from Yassin, an Egyptian who hails from 6th October City and attaches an Arabic accent to English. Jay holds my hand while I snowboard as if though I’m his child. We end our day with the battles of the balls, mind it, snow balls. Snowballs are bombarded from every direction. Ksenija, a Montenegrin who I would like to visit in Podgorica, pushes snow into my torso.  An aura of happiness surrounds us, as arch rival Megha would say it, an Indian who would never spare a chance at pointing a finger at you-know-who. 

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